Awesome WordPress Theme for Education

Top 10 Awesome WordPress Theme for Education

Educational themes are always developed keeping in mind the fact that such themes should be eye-catching to the students who are the prospective visitors of such websites. Here we are presenting the Top Ten Education WordPress themes which can be excellent choices for creating cutting-edge and the best educational websites.

Education Base

Benjamin Franklin has once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. So in this modern world of world-wide-web, Education Base is a stunning educational theme that can be used by all educational institutions. It is a kind of back to school theme that helps the user to create one of the best learning websites.

  • Multi-purpose functioning – Education Base is such a theme that can be used for any website.
  • Best suited for both educational and business websites – This theme is not only for education website but also it can be used for any large or small business or corporate website.
  • A great number of widgets and theme options – Also there is a great variety in case of widgets and theme options in this theme.
  • Lots of features –  It has features like header and footer options, custom copyright options, color and slider options that provide the user a scope to decor the website as per his choice.
  • Useful one-page set-up menu – Besides having one-page set up, it also has separate menu for inner pages.

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Education Hub

In most of the educational institutions like the best education schools, colleges, universities or any other educational academies, an easy-to-use but the exclusive website is sought-after. Education Hub is such an educational website theme that the user can easily use with dexterity in any institution with education backgrounds.

  • High-class multi-purpose theme – which can be successfully used for any type of website.
  • Easy to use – Also it’s easily customizable with a variety of options like – theme options, featured slider options, custom widgets options and much more.
  • Great responsive design – This theme even adjusts brilliantly to all kinds of screen sizes.
  • Highly compatible with browsers – It works smoothly in all type of browsers like – Chrome, Firefox, IE11.

So this is a kind of ultimate solution for one who is thinking to create an educational or business or corporate website.

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University means a place where students take their higher education. Similarly, this website theme, named University, helps the user to create the best educational websites for any kind of institution.

  • Great responsive design – Apart from being a stylish theme, it has an auto-adjusting theme.
  • SEO friendly and transportation ready – This theme has a great Search Engine Optimization and also it is translation ready.
  • Compatibility to run with the latest WordPress version – It’s even highly compatible to work with the latest WordPress version.
  • Easily customizable – It is an easy-to-handle theme with Custom menu setting.
  • Attractive front page slideshow – Also this theme has slideshow facility to showcase the user’s attractive features.
  • 11 inbuilt social media icon fronts – A variety of social media icons helps to link the website with social media.
  • Comfortable with any major browser – In fact, any browser like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc are compatible with this theme.
  • Variety of Dropdown options – It has a lot of features including Dropdown options.
  • Incorporated blog pagination – There is also blog pagination feature in this theme.

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Education Zone

Education Zone is a wonderful WordPress theme that efficiently works in any educational zone or any private or public institution with educational backgrounds.

  • An easy-to-use and unique style – This theme is easily customizable and aptly handles all the requirements of educational websites.
  • Mobile or tablet friendly theme – It also supports all types of devices and screen sizes.
  • Great SEO friendly set-up – It supports great SEO to attract traffic in the website and rank the website in a high position in the search engine.
  • Brilliant high- speed – Moreover, it maintains a high speed.
  • Frequently tested WordPress theme – Not only this theme is thoroughly tested but also it allows the website to link with social media and seek more traffic on the website.
  • Apart from educational institutions, the Education Zone can be aptly used as a business or corporate website as it also follows the structure of multi-purpose presentation themes.

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Rara Academic

It is commonly said that a good system shortens the road to the goal. So to smoothly run any institution with educational backgrounds Rara Academic is an incomparable choice. Rara Academic is an easy-to-handle and unique education WordPress theme that is multi-functional with special regards as an educational website theme.

  • Great SEO friendly – Rara Academic is a website theme that follows the best SEO practices.
  • Stunning responsive design – It also has an auto-adjusting theme layout.
  • Translation ready – This theme is high efficient and translation ready.
  • A large variety of options – Furthermore, it caters with various features including child theme compatibility option, Custom CSS options, etc.
  • Fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) complaint – It even has GDPR facility.

Thus, it will be a wise choice of the best education schools and institutions if they choose Rara Academic for setting up their educational or other websites.

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Education Mind

To run the system of any educational institution and to increase its popularity, Education Mind is an absolutely reliable and unique education WordPress theme.

  • Brilliant multi-purpose website theme – It is a multi-purpose theme with special limelight performance as an educational website theme.
  • Easy-to-use theme – Also it has easy customization facility by dint of which the user can set up the website as per his needs.
  • Lots of options – It has, in fact, multiple options to customize the website as per one’s need.
  • Great responsive design – It’s a highly flexible theme that works with all devices.
  • Variety of options – Even this theme has a variety of options like theme options, and custom widgets.
  • Easily accessible Logo customization – The logo can be easily customized along with the title.
  • Menu setting options and Woo Commerce support – Besides having user-friendly menu settings, it has popular plugins like WooCommerce.

Hence, Education Mind is a right and efficient choice as it can successfully create one of the best educational websites to date. Also, it is aptly used for creating any kind of business or corporate websites.

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Education Master

We all are to some extent multi-taskers. Similarly, Education Master is also a multi-purpose, compatible website theme that can be used for creating the best educational websites or business or any other corporate websites. Education Masterworks with dexterity with a lot of features as an educational website, such as –

  • SEO friendly website – It will bring traffic in the website easily and will place the website in a high rank in the search engines.
  • Multiple theme options – Also, it has several theme options so that the user can decorate the website.
  • Easy customization – Additionally, it is an easy-to-use theme.
  • Beautiful responsive design – It supports all devices and screen sizes.
  • Mobile friendly – It is auto-adjusting to any mobile or tablet screen.
  • Easily links to social media – Moreover, it has multiple social media icons that the user can use for linking up his website to different social medias.

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For any educational institutions from school to university or any academic institutes, Elead is the best choice to set up the best educational websites. Elead is a highly attractive, easy-to-use WordPress theme. It’s one of the best presentation themes of Theme Place.

  • Great ability – This theme has the efficiency to handle all the requirements of an educational website.
  • Eye-catching to students with a lot of iconic features – Also it has an attractive appearance to seek viewers in the website.
  • Provides 24/7 support – This theme caters with incredible support.
  • Highly compatible with the major browsers – Elead works easily with Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any other major browser.
  • Easy customization – The user can easily set up the theme even without coding knowledge.
  • Mobile- friendly – It also adjusts to any mobile or tablet screens.
  • SEO- friendly – Moreover, this theme follows the best SEO practices.
  • Translation ready – It is translation ready along with various options of Menu, Homepage sections, and much more.

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VW Education Lite

law education lite theme

According to Joss Whedon, multitasking comes from extreme organization. In our modern lifestyle, we all are more or fewer multitaskers. Likewise, VW Education Lite is a multi-purpose education WordPress theme that can also be used in creating any business or corporate website. VW Education Lite works best for creating the best learning websites as it helps in bringing more students by its attractive look.

  • 100% user-friendly – This theme is absolutely user-friendly and responsive.
  • Great SEO –It is also SEO friendly theme that helps the website to get more viewers to the page and rank in a high position in the search results of the search engine.
  • Easily runs in any browser – It is compatible with all browsers, like – Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • Absolutely translation ready – Moreover, this theme can easily translate any language.
  • Availability of attractive features  –  Variety of features like Call to Action Button (CTA), easy integration with social media and much more are there in this theme.
  • Easy Customization – Variety of options in the theme to easily customize the website as the user needs it.
  • Fully responsive design – In fact, it is a highly responsive layout that supports all types of devices.
  • Desirable theme customization – There are also customization options along with slider options and logo and title customization.

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University Hub

University Hub, as the name itself suggests, is an educational WordPress theme best suited for any educational institution.

  • Outstanding multi-purpose theme – It is a multi-purpose theme that suits to any educational, business, or corporate website.
  • The wide range of features and options – Also this theme has multiple features that the user can easily use.
  • Easily customizable – It is easily customizable as any educational or business or corporate website.
  • Highly compatible with any major browsers – This theme supports any browsers, such as – Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • Brilliant responsive design – Its layout is responsive to all devices.
  • Various slider options, pagination options – It also has a lot of features like slider and pagination options.
  • Efficient Custom menu setting – Such a Custom menu helps to create the website as the user needs it.
  • SEO friendly – It is not only SEO friendly but also best supportive as an educational website theme.

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For any educational institution like a school, college, university or any other coaching centers, Enlighten is the best free educational WordPress theme.

  • Beautiful responsive design – Its layout is responsive to all devices.
  • Desirable customization – The user can customize the theme even without coding knowledge as it is easy to handle.
  • Mobile friendly – It also adjusts to any mobile or tablet screens.
  • Lots of menu alignment options – It has a variety of alignment features that the user can use to decor the website.
  • Attractive homepage sliders – Moreover, it has sliders on the home page that make the website attractive.
  • 100% SEO friendly – It follows the best SEO practices so that the website can rank high in Google.
  • Availability of special features – There are multiple features like Call to Action section, FAQ section.
  • Social media and latest news sections – It not only has in-built social media link ups but also has dedicated sections like Latest News sections etc.
  • Slide bar options and flexible widgets – It has multiple facilities like slide bar options and flexible widgets along with Carousel Service section.

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